Offshore of the west coast of Galicia the "Atlantic Islands of Galicia National Park" is situated, consisting of three archipelagos. One of these groups of islands is called Cies and I spent wonderful three days there camping with a group of couchsurfers. 

(Couchsurfing - for all those who have never heard of it - is a communtiy of people from all over the world who enjoy travelling and meeting others. As a member of this community, you can host couchsurfers and surf other people's couches, you can participate in meetings, find people to show you around a place or just meet for a coffee. By "surfing someone's couch" you do not only have a cheap accommodation but also the chance to get to know whatever place you are visiting much more intense and to get in contact with interesting and open-minded people)

                I'm calling this shot "THE PHOTOGRAPHER"
So. Nearly two weeks ago some couchsurfers from Vigo organised a big meeting on the Cies Islands. Around 50 People from all over Galicia, all over Spain, no actually all over the world gathered to spend an awesome weekend in an awesome place. 
For me this was a great opportunity to meet some new people and see some more of Galicia. And I gotta say, the Cies are simply magnificent!!! There is no traffic on these three Islands and there are also no people living there. The many visitors who come daily with the ferries can eat in the two restaurants and also have the possibility to camp. 
The great thing about camping there is, that early in the morning and later in the evening, so before the first ferry arrives and after the last one leaves, there are not many people at the beach or on the hiking routes and you can enjoy the beautiful nature all by yourself.
What I really love about these islands is that they have a little bit of everything: white sandy beaches, rugged cliffs, high eucalyptus forest... 
The following photos were taken in the evening and I really like the soft light.
I can just recommend you to spend a night in this magical place! 
4/7/2013 01:50:16 am

These pictures are stunning!!!

4/7/2013 05:51:35 pm

Right? It's such a great place :)


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